Yucky, but getting there

It's been over a week since I last posted on my blog.  I've been trying to get my short story completed, but I'm still struggling with getting my sleeping pattern back on track.  Things are now getting close...

Friday is going to be my deadline for this story entry - it being the 21st.  I'm feeling optimistic about getting it completed, provided my methods of writing it continues the way it has been.

At the minute I am writing the story in what can only be described as wild spasms of frantic (but constructive) typing, spaced between periods of inactivity where I stare at the laptop screen, then the keyboard, then the screen, and so on, while pulling various facial expressions at both.  I've been very good, managing to reduce my evening usage of Facebook, Deviantart, Youtube and my Kindle (er.....better than I thought I would, actually :D) to a minimum.   Once this story is over and out of the way, I will give myself a couple of days to rest and catch up with my websites (particularly Deviantart, which I have ignored for a month now).  Then it's on to the Write Space competition in February, and maybe a poetry competition too.  This year I am determined not to let things pass me by.

With my sleeping pattern being the mess that it has been (and the subsequent sulking that caused), I was feeling pretty miserable about my competition entry.  It probably isn't my best writing, but all things considered it's far from my worst.  But my fiance said something that lifted my spirits enough to bring on typing spasm after typing spasm.  What he said, and why it picked me up so much, will wait until my next blog entry, which will be all about my completed entry and how relieved I am that it's done!

Until then, time to sign off!

HC x


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