Why ARE birds cute?

This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my writing, but the thought is a good foundation for a new blog entry.  I am determined to keep the dust from re-settling over here.

I'll admit that I've been a little bit lax this week.  I've had lots of nice food and have enjoyed visits from some excellent friends.  I've taken a moment to catch up with my DeviantArt profile, and had a lot of fun reading the blogs I follow.

I've been very fortunate to gain two new followers to my little blog!  A very big welcome to Chloe and my mystery follower.  Unfortunately Blogger has left you nameless, so I can't welcome you personally.

Unfortunately, I have been unlucky with my health again.  The sleeplessness is slowly sorting itself out, with some credit due to my Sominex sleeping pills, but it has been replaced by the most intense stomach cramps I have ever experienced.  On Wednesday night they became so bad that I was struggling to breathe, and wound up snivelling and mewling like a newborn kitten in work on Thursday.  It was time to to make another visit to the doctors.

By a small stroke of luck I had booked yesterday off due to a friend's visit this weekend.  I managed to get an emergency appointment with one of the many doctors at my local surgery for first thing in the morning.  The doctor gave me an examination, and has prescribed me some new pills.  It's a little difficult to say if they are effective at this stage, but they aren't making things worse. 

It was when I was wandering off to the doctors when I was distracted by a male blackbird who had landed on one of the bins.  He was close enough for me to get a very good look at him, and he was gracious enough to stay still whilst I did.

He was cute to look at, but it made me wonder why.  His eyes were beady, and because of their shape he looked like he was staring.  But that didn't matter - his general appearance translated in my brain as cute.
It's only a little train of thought that I let distract me from the stomach-ache on my way to the doctors, but it has bothered me.  They are directly descended from the dinosaurs, and their feet are...odd.  But still we love to see them.  When I lived with my parents I used to throw peanuts to an enormous pidgeon without the slightest thought.  Yet one thing fellow city-dwellers dread is the crazy pidgeons who fly straight at them, or at least those city-dwellers in Leeds and Wakefield do.  One of my paternal aunties freaks out at the sight of them. (Taking my auntie to a safari park remains one of the most hilarious family memories I have - innocent humor, by the way.)

Simple question for my nice viewers: Do you like birds, and if you do - why do you like them?  Do you like specific birds, or all of them?  I personally prefer the little ones, like robins and sparrows.

Soon I will be commencing the Write-Space competition entry, and I am hoping to submit two this time.  News of these will follow in a future blog, and I might manage to get my "Original Characters" page updated before Krypta gets too lonely.


  1. I've often wondered this myself (which is how I found this post!) When people were kicking at pigeons, and calling them rats with wings, I was feeding them & admiring their adorable mating dance! I've kept budgies, and now I have a cockatiel (very smart & affectionate pets). I love crows & other corvids. You can really sense their intelligence just by looking at them, but they still manage to be cute. I think I love all birds, even the ugly ones, lol. :)


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