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Remembrance Sunday 2013 - Remember the People

November is a cold and dreary month for people living in the UK.  Sensible people have already at least started their Christmas shopping, and there are always the Christmas light switch-ons to look forward to.  

But, most importantly of all, November marks Armistice Day, which commemorates the end of the First World War, and Remembrance Sunday, which is the day reserved to remember the fallen.  November 11th and the second Sunday of the month (sometimes this can be the same day) is pretty easy to remember, but  it would be difficult to forget when it is heralded with little paper poppies pinned to the chest of everyone on the television.  People not on television will start wearing poppies shortly after, some of  which are fancier than the traditional paper poppy.

Personally I always dutifully buy my poppy after Halloween (a holiday I don't personally celebrate) and then spend the next eleven days trying not to lose the wretched thing before the 11th!  It's usually a good idea…