My New Kindle and Sleep Deprivation

Well, happily my last blog post was all about inspiration, and I can confirm that my story entry stands at 922 words!  The story is at present almost halfway finished, and my word count does not include all the words and sentences that have been moved or replaced.  I have not got as far as I would like, but considering the events of the past week, I have done rather well!

Before I begin waffling on about my reasons and excuses, let me begin by welcoming Ryan to my list of followers.  I hope you enjoy the journey!  Also many thanks to Nari, for her continuing encouragement :)

Since Boxing day, my sleep pattern has messed itself up tremendously.  It started where I was restless, and woke up constantly every night.  Happily, I had booked some holiday time from work, and could counter the wakefulness with some lie-ins.  I put it down as my body reacting to the end of the stressful period that is the countdown to Christmas where I work, and thought it would settle down.
That was two weeks ago.  Now, the restlessness is not so severe, but that might be due to the fact that I'm not actually managing to sleep until about 4am every night.  When I do sleep I think it's more out of exhaustion than anything else.  As you can imagine I feel awful: dizzy, nauseous, even more foul tempered than usual, and to top it off my IBS decides to join in!   Oh the joys....

On top of that my Kindle arrived on Wednesday.  I have tried...really tried to ignore it as best I can so I can get on with my competiton entry.  But it is new...and new toys are very difficult to ignore, particularly when you have been waiting for it for nearly a fortnight.  So yes, I probably have been sacrificing some writing time to play with my Kindle, but I have been showing more restraint that I thought I would.  Anyhow, the novelty will wear off eventually, I am sure.

I'm hoping to get my entry completed in the next ten days (I don't have much more time than that!) and to help me I have bought some sleep remedy to try and get my sleeping pattern back on track.  Hopefully that will work, because I do not relish the prospect of sitting in front of a doctor who will tell me that either nothing is wrong with me, or that I am stressed.  Of course I'm stressed - I can't sleep!  Never go to your doctor with depression - it will be thrown back at you time and time again.

Hopefully a more positive blog to follow, where I can announce more progress :)

HC x


  1. Thanks for the welcome.

    I've got some bad news for you, the kindle novelty gets stronger the longer you have it.... It's Amazon's fault of course, there's always so many good deals on books you end up with hundreds!

  2. Sounds like your body clock has reset itself to a less convenient time! That's the problem with holidays, I suppose. I don't enjoy the thought of having to wake up earlier myself! But keep on doing it, and eventually you'll get exhausted sooner, and your sleeping patterns will reshape themselves again. Good luck!

  3. You're welcome Ryan.

    I had a horrible feeling that I would keep playing with my Kindle - just a bit of wishful thinking on my part I fear. Considering that I haven't even begun to download all of the books I had seen before buying it...I will just have to be stricter with myself.

    And yes, I think you are right. What worries me is that the change was so immediate, and that it has now settled in for the long run :S

  4. I got my Kindle last November, and I've been binge reading ever since. I do not regard my new toy as a guilty pleasure. Writer's read...that's what makes writers write. Screenwriters watch films and TV...perhaps that's where I'm going wrong because I read books in preference to watching movies. I hope you get the sleep pattern sorted, but I agree with the previous comments it will sort it self out. Just try not to worry about sleep and maybe sleep will come soon. Nite nite, watch the bugs don't bite. x


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