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Not all Spam is unwelcomed - new writing competition ahead!

Living in a flat situated at the heart of a small city, I am used to finding my postbox filled with what ould only be referred to as "crap:" flyers, takeaway menus, catalogues from Peter Jones just because I bought a Mrs Tiggy Winkle music box for my mum many years ago...not to mention business cards and other nonsense that simply leaves me dumbfounded.  Most of it gets thrown away, although my fiance and I have been known to make use of the coupons sent to us by our local McDonalds.

Today was no different - coupons for the online store of a clothing store who happen to own a shop almost across the road from my flat, and something from the electricity provider.  But I also recieved an unmarked white envelope with my name - correctly spelled - on the front.  But when I turned to read the back I was immediately intrigued by the word "Mslexia."

Whilst my entry for the magazine's annual competition at the beginning of the year failed to impress the judges, it was t…

No More Paperbacks? I think not!

In the offices where I work (until I become the Next Big Thing, of course) there are a good number of us who own and love a Kindle, and another good number who are interested in owning one.  Amazon was truly on to a wonderful thing when it invented its e-reader.

In the early afternoon today (whilst working very hard at the same time - just in case my boss-lady happens across my post - naturally!) we enjoyed a lovely conversation about our Kindles and how they had affected our book-buying habits.  One of my workmates commented that she no longer buys books now that she has her Kindle.  Whilst I can see the sense in it, I still felt sad.  Despite buying my e-reader I have still bought books, and my favourite store still remains my local Waterstones, where I buy most of my books.

Our discussion made me think on about a comment that was made by John Cowton on my last blog post.  I love every single comment I receive for my blog and appreciate every one that is constructive, but this one m…

A Blow to the Head, and back to work

Last week I had an accident whilst waiting for a colonoscopy which resulted in a serious blow to the head and the eventual cancellation of the appointment.  It will never have a place among my pleasant memories, the afternoon in A&E gave me a lot of time to think.  During that time I admitted to myself that no matter how hard I try, I will never be the next Terry Pratchett... matter what I do I just can't grow a proper beard!

Beg pardon to all of you for that silly bit of naughtiness.  It has been a long week full of stresses.and recovering from all my bumps and bruises, and it's left me prone to attacks of silliness (although it is true that the most I can achieve in terms of facial hair is a rather sparse moustache, so a beard is completely out of the question!).

I have been in a "Poor Me" rut for quite some time, which has also left me with the attention span of a butterfly in many cases.  The last week was just a breaking point, although the blow to the …