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Gender Stereotyping - A reading habit.

Whilst getting ready for work this morning I was watching BBC Breakfast (as is my habit, not really following the news at any other time), and just as I was preparing to switch off the topic came on to gender-stereotyping in books.  This is a popular issue, so it's not really surprising that it would make it into the news eventually, but it got me thinking about my own childhood experiences.

I was blessed by a family - most particularly a mother - who believed it right and proper that a young girl should be encouraged to read plenty of books.  I'm glad that I live in a place and time where the ability to read was not just encouraged but expected, so my family would never get into trouble for what they were doing.

Looking back, I was surrounded by readers.  My mum had an extensive collection of books, my auntie (a primary school teacher) was a keen reader and - as touched upon in an earlier post - a keen letter-writer, and my maternal grandmother always read the People's Fr…