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Gratitude, and thoughts on Bestsellers

It would appear that the world will not be ending on May 21st after all.  It is beyond me why these supposed men and women of learning seem so determined to determine the exact date of Judgement day.  The outcome is still going to be the same either way, and considering that God and God alone is supposed to have the knowledge of this day, the reaction of said deity would not necessarily be positive...

Before I begin, let me point out that I do not for one minute intend for the beginning of this blog entry to be a slight against any fellow christians, just against the notion of marking the day of oblivion on our calendars.

Now, with the dawn of a new day (although it is currently tea-time as I type) I thought I would begin with a little thanks and reflection. 

Since December my group of followers has gone from none to eight - all within the space of five months.  Each time that I see that my blog has gained yet another follower I feel both excited and humbled in the knowledge that I m…

The Best Source of Inspiration

2011 has been a disappointing year thanks to these unfortunate stomach-aches that I have been plagued with since January.  Finally things seem to be stabilizing and I've finally stopped struggling with belly-ache, although my stomach seems to be anticipating the pains and tensing.  Maybe once all of my tests are over I may be able to turn a corner.

In other news, wedding plans have taken a busy turn.  I had to order my wedding dress three months early and so will be seeing my actual dress in August rather than November.  That doesn't sound like a bad thing, does it?  At the time - thanks to some works unpleasantness - I'd had such a dreadful day that it felt like the End of The World!  But having had time to think and calm down I feel considerably better about it.

Right, I created this blog to talk about something...what was it..?

Oh yes, writing!

I really must apologise to all of my lovely and above all patient watchers (7 of you now - thank you all!) for putting up with …