NanoWriMo 2011

Most writing enthusiasts will have heard something of NaNoWriMo throughout their journey.  I heard of it about three years ago when a Deviantart friend entered, but I had not decided to try going further with my writing career at the time, and hadn't really appreciated what it was or what it meant.  The second time I heard of it was on another blog.  This time I knew what it was, but it was the middle of November, and far too late to try.  This year I have registered well in advance for NaNoWriMo, which means I have either had some sort of epiphany, or gone mad again!

I really must apologise to my patient followers for my two month silence.  Stepping away from my blog was not intentional.  In the space of three weeks I began and deleted a dozen blog posts before deciding to give it a rest.  My writing batteries had somehow managed to run down completely, to the point where I opened a word document or new post and did nothing more than stare at it.  Eventually the slump began to upset me, so I decided to give it a rest until I was ready to start again.  
But when I was watching BBC news whilst my fiance and I were getting ready for work they mentioned that NaNoWriMo was due to start.  I feel very grateful that I was awake enough to pay the news some attention, as otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue what to do.  So that lunchtime I found the website, and registered.  I even learned about that young persons version, which I passed on to a colleague's daughter who should enjoy it.  I know exactly what I'm doing (for once!), and actually feel really excited for November to begin.

I am a little apprehensive about the notion of correcting the story later - any mistakes I spot tend to niggle away at me until I pounce on them and mess with them until they are right.  Sometimes the constant running back and forth correcting mistakes can be a destructive technique, where I get so depressed that I give up on the writing and start again.  So this will be a completely new experience for me, but I hope I might learn from it!

Hopefully this enthusiasm isn't a moment of madness, and I might have a chance of reaching the 50,000 words by the end of the month (even if Skyrim is being released during November).  I'm also encouraged by the fact at least two of my bloggy friends are entering NaNoWriMo as well, to whom I wish the very best of luck.

HC x


  1. HOORAY! It will be a new way of writing for me too but I'm looking forward to letting go of the editorial control for a bit - if slightly scared about it!

  2. The release of Skyrim couldn't be at a more distracting time.... But oh my gosh I'm so excited!!
    Ahem... so NaNO. Glad you've decided to enter too - I think it will be a very valuable experience for us all. It will exercise our ability to keep our inner editor at bay and to just flippin write. Stupid how that's one of the most commonly struggled with things - just solid writing. Glad to see you back as well :) everyone needs a break once in a while.
    Nari X
    p.s. I'm doing Nano too as you may have already gathered.

  3. Chloe, I'm still not certain if I will be able to completely ignore the editing. I could try, but I would probably explode in the process! At the same time, I'm really looking forward to getting started! :)

  4. I remembered that you were an Oblivion fan too, Nari! I'm hoping that I can make up for the time spent cooing over Skyrim either before or after my other half brings it home!
    Editing can take all the fun out of writing, it's going to be an interesting test.

    I'd seen you were doing NaNo as well - it made me feel so much better to know that you and Chloe were doing Nano this year!

  5. Hi, nice to meet you - came across your blog and felt inspired to comment because it's always nice to meet a fellow Pratchett maniac. Not massive on SF/fantasy otherwise, but Terry has been my favourite since I was just a nipper. So hard to pick a favourite book, but I tend to come back to Small Gods - it's one of the wisest and stands out for being different.

    As to Nano, it's now underway and I admire everyone who's giving it a go. I also tend to fiddle as I go along and would find it hard to let go of that. Do think it would be a useful experience, though - I'm quite slow and it might cure that. I'd quite like to do it but am away for part of November - maybe next year.

    Very best of luck to you all!

  6. Hello Nick, and thank you for becoming my newest follower. It is always nice to meet a fellow Pratchett fan. I am a lover of Fantasy (and to a lesser extent Sci-Fi), and I have come to the conclusion that Pratchett's comic fantasy deserves a genre in its own right. As for favourites, mine change all the time and at the minute mine is Monstrous Regiment, but I have soft spots for Feet of Clay (my first) and Witches Abroad.

    After the first day of Nano, I found that I could reduce my faffing with the text, but not completely get rid of it. But these are early days, and I'm excited to write more.

    I hope you do try Nanowrimo next year - I think I will :)

    Thanks again for stopping by!

    HC x

  7. Just catching up with people. So a rather late good luck wishes for Nanowrimo. x

  8. HC from your picture I am guessing you got married? Congratulations! I've just tagged you in a post on my blog if you want to take a look:


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