Not all Spam is unwelcomed - new writing competition ahead!

Living in a flat situated at the heart of a small city, I am used to finding my postbox filled with what ould only be referred to as "crap:" flyers, takeaway menus, catalogues from Peter Jones just because I bought a Mrs Tiggy Winkle music box for my mum many years ago...not to mention business cards and other nonsense that simply leaves me dumbfounded.  Most of it gets thrown away, although my fiance and I have been known to make use of the coupons sent to us by our local McDonalds.

Today was no different - coupons for the online store of a clothing store who happen to own a shop almost across the road from my flat, and something from the electricity provider.  But I also recieved an unmarked white envelope with my name - correctly spelled - on the front.  But when I turned to read the back I was immediately intrigued by the word "Mslexia."

Whilst my entry for the magazine's annual competition at the beginning of the year failed to impress the judges, it was the first time that I had completely enjoyed writing a competition entry so much.  I receive emails from the magazine, but this was the first time anything had been posted to me.  I knew immediately that it was advertising, but I was actually interested in having a peek at this unexpected junk mail.

It was advertising - for subscriptions - as I expected, but it was the most well pitched idea I have seen for some time.  It started with a handsome covering letter proclaiming the many virtues of the magazine, which it claims has recently enjoyed a make-over.  This was followed by an equally attractive leaflet full of information carefully detailing the magazine's features, and was backed up with quotes from a number of people, out of whom I'm embarrassed to say I only recognised Sarah Waters.

But the most interesting was an A5 leaflet that is in the photograph above, detailing their latest competition.  I had already heard of the competition from an email a fortnight ago, and had nosed at the details on their website.  However from a blogging point of view I had completely forgotten about it...apologies about that.  I have no excuses, I simply forgot.  I may have mentioned it on my twitter account at the time, but I cannot remember.

Any ladies wishing to learn more about this competition can do so here: Mslexia Novel Competition 2011

Regrettably it is only open to women who have never been published commercially (although anyone who has published her work independantly is still eligible to enter), and the entries must be suitable for ages 13 and up.  Entries will be judged by a panel of three, one of whom includes Sarah Waters.  Can anyone tell I am a little startled by the fact one of the judges is an authoress I recognise?  The only other occasion was for the competition held by Transworld books and Sir Terry Pratchett, a competition that I still kick myself for missing out on.

Will I be seriously entering this competition?  In all honesty, I cannot give a definite yes or no, because I don't know if I can make the deadline (although this might be the "little pointer" I prayed for when I read the email.) due to a variety of excuses that I won't insult people with.  But I have started writing something which I hope to submit, which hopefully I will enjoy as much as the last one.

I will close with a welcome to my ninth follower, Freya Morris, and thank you along with my other eight watchers for the continued encouragement.

Have fun,

HC Clarke x


  1. I don't really think of myself as writing genre fiction, but even I felt a little sad when I only found out about the Pratchett competition a few weeks before the deadline.

  2. Hey HC! Thanks for the welcome.

    Also got the Mslexia mailing - and it worked on me! Went to try and subscribe by DD online but it broke half way through and I gave up. I'm sure I will try again at some point but I wonder how many other people this happened to.

    May the force be with you!

  3. I'm a fan of Terry Pratchett's facebook page and had got an email about the competition when it opened, but something - I can't even remember what - stopped me and I wound up losing focus. I missed the deadline, and it hit me hard, because I felt that was one cometition I had a half-decent chance at. Part of me still keeps wondering what would have happened if I had managed to enter.

  4. Hi Freya,
    No need for thanks - I find it so encouraging when people take an interest in my journey. I always thought it was twaddle.

    I do intend to subscribe to Mslexia, but not for a while. When I do I think I will set up the necessary details by phone. It might be worth calling them rather than doing it online.


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