Meredith is a great name, but sadly it is not mine...

  That's the opening line of my proposed entry (or first entry, if I feel ambitious) for the Write Space competition on the theme of "Moving On."  But more of that in a moment.

   Firstly I would like to celebrate the fact that my little blog has a follower!  A big welcome and thank you for joining me on my own Odyssey, Sam.  I hope your blog helps you to express yourself on your own journey to becoming an author.

Anyhow, back to the competition entry:

Currently, the opening line is the main development, and was devised about an hour ago in the bath!  That is where I get the majority of my inspiration, although nothing has made me leap out of the water and run to my laptop like certain ancient philosophers did (although not to a laptop, of course).

At the moment all the details of this story are sketchy at best, but that does appear to be my writing style on professional works.  If this were a work of fan-fiction the whole plot would be woven into an elaborate mental web within minutes, which goes through so many diversions that I lose track of where I am.  No wonder I never finish them....

As the theme to the competition is "Moving On," I have considered the following idea:

As children we all have dreams of our futures, and often end up wishing we were something we clearly are not meant to be.  What would happen if a twist of fate turned a person's life upside down, and they found out that they were much happier doing the opposite of their dreams?  Knowing this, how would they look back on their childhood trials and ambitions - with a nostalgic smile or with a frown of embarrassment?  It's hard to tell, but I think most people can identify with it in some small way, and have their own thoughts on how the story will go.

It's interesting to note that I am finding the development of this competition entry much easier than the Mslexia entry.  Initially the excitement of writing for a competiton with no fixed theme is all you can consider, but the excitement quickly changes to: "What the heck am I going to do?!"  A have a few ideas, including developing an unfinished entry for an anthology last year, but nothing concrete.

And, as I did not have the good manners to include a link to the Write Space competition, here it is:

Happy Writing xxx


  1. Sounds like an interesting concept for a story. I hope I get a chance to read it some time!

  2. Most probably you will get to read it. If it does win I'll most probably be shouting from the rooftops about it, and will include a link. If it doesn't win, I will see if I can put it up here. I will have to look into the small print of the competition before I decide that for definite though...


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