Distractions and other shiny stuff

Christmas is almost upon us, with shiny decorations and the promise of nice presents to come, and will be followed quickly by the new year...

Which is why (once I've finished my lunch break) I'm currently updating some of our report files at work for 2011.
It is not very exciting, and has become so time consuming that I may have to complete it next week, but it has to be completed. 

But why do it now instead of doing it later on?  The answer is simple: if I don't do it now it will not get done! 

It's a simple story I write for you this morning:  No matter how good the intentions are to complete the task, if it is done in stages some aspect of it will inevitably be forgotten about.

The same applies to writing.  The best method is simply to keep at it, rather than messing around with the internet or television.  When I start well I can write 1000 words minimum, sometimes going much higher.

So in this new year I resolve to put my foot down with myself more when it comes to writing.  No more distractions, and no more excuses!  2012 will be the year I become a respectable married woman, and it would be lovely if my writing efforts in 2011 contributed to that!


  1. Very good advice - we find so many things to distract us with all the technology available these days, but it is the focussed mind which excels when it comes to writing.
    Congratulations for 2012 :)

    Nari X

  2. Thank you Nari!

    In the words of Disney's Alice in Wonderland: "I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."

    Time will tell if I keep to this resolution - shiny things will still be shiny, after all...


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