Excuse my dust

Please excuse my long absence from contributing to this blog.  When I started it up before Christmas I promised that I would add something to it every week, which I hoped would encourage my writing projects.  Sadly there's this niggly little thing called Real Life that gets in the way, and 2010 has not exactly been the year of promise that I hoped it would be.

This year started with the sad passing of my auntie, who had fought with cancer for some time.  This was followed with a severe episode of very painful stomach cramps which became almost constant.  With doctor's appointments and the other joyful distractions that made up my day to day life recently, there has been no time for writing anything constructive.

I have, however, had some positive news much more recently.  The first is that I came third in a non-profit competition last week.  This was a written entry, and was a fan-fiction that I found very emotional to write.  Granted, this was not an official competition with prizes, but the fact is that I won something and also had a platform to show off my writing skills.  If this has an effect on my confidence (which had been dented by 2009's competition events) only time will tell, but I feel a little better as now I know that I am capable of writing things that are up to standard.

In light of this success, however small, I feel that I have regained something of my pre-christmas desire to write things.  Some of this is being spent on fan-fiction, which I do not feel that I will be able to give up any time soon (if indeed I ever do), but some more is being spent on projects that I hope to share in future blog entries.  Hopefully I will not be leaving these for such a long time.

Thanks for reading,

HC Clarke


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