Here come the other stories...

The more eagle eyed of readers for my last post will have noticed that the title promised "and other stories," which did not materialise.  Truth be told, I completely forgot with the shiny excitement of blogging on my phone.

Since then, I have tried the office capacity, for reasons I will explain, and was thoroughly impressed.  Much simpler to use, and with its help I think I got the hang of typing with my phone.  That been said, now I will never be able to type anything correctly using my phone again - silly me!

Once I had posted my last entry, I noticed that my blog had found itself a tenth follower - hello J L Dale and thank you for following my blog.  I must be doing something right, after all, now that my followers now add up to double figures.

Anyway, the other stories...

The most exciting one is that I finally bought and paid for my wedding dress today!  I also got the chance to try it on for the first time and felt like a princess.  My mum had told me that nothing compares to the feeling of putting on your own wedding dress for the first time - I kid you not, mine glowed!  I can't look at my receipt without smiling, and remembering the way I felt and looked today.

Work has been taking a positive turn, with lots of audit training and experience.  The visits have helped me improve my skills when completing the in-office audits that I have been doing, and I seem to be completing them quicker than before.  On Thursday I was even trusted to go into a store on my own, even though it was only to observe credit card procedures.  It was a lot of fun to do.

Last Sunday (17th July) was the date for a wrestling pay per view called "Money In The Bank."  For the most part, I would have anticipated it to be an uneventful pay per view were it not for an interestingly promoted main event.  The whole pay per view turned out to be rather impressive, with the main event being one of the best matches I have seen from this company in some time.

My fiance has his own blog in which he posts information on video games and wrestling news, including game reviews and pay per view results.  For this it does get some attention, mostly positive, and gives him great pleasure to manage.

After the pay per view we were discussing the results, particularly the last match, he suggested that I write an article about the match.  Because I did not think the article was relevant to my blog, he suggested that he submit it to his blog as a guest publication.  There was just one catch - it had to be completed by the following evening, and it was already near midnight.

For that reason I decided to complete the article using my phone's office capability.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable exercise, and thanks to the easy to use phone controls, I actually had the article sent to Martin by lunchtime.  He was impressed by the article, commenting only that it was longer and more detailed than he had expected.  But he posted it onto his blog, and those who are interested can look here.  It was great fun to write, and has been the first non-fiction that I have written in a very long time.  I was startled that it took me such a short amount of time to write (because I was not writing the article during my working hours - I promise!).

In terms of writing, I am currently testing out the idea of writing my current project in "nuggets" and pulling it all together.  My mind has a nasty habit of stopping my creative track dead in its tracks because it keeps wandering off to some far-off part of the story and forgetting how it got there.  There are also some scenes that are settling in my mind which I am currently unable to place in the plotline, but am reluctant to leave unwritten for fear of forgetting them.  One such scene, inspired by the tune of Nightwish song "Amaranth," I was particularly keen to write.  The particular song is a temple ritual to activat an artefact that is linked to one of the main antagonists.  It is admittedly a little gratuitous, but has been a lot of fun to develop, which is why it is now the second writing project for my phone.  Currently it only stands at around a thousand words (I can't get a word count on my phone!!), but I have only been pottering about with it, mainly on the bus.  Eventually, when other parts of the project have been completed, I will be able to put the scene in its proper place and it might actually make sense.

Before I close, I would like to offer a big congratulations to the lovely Nari, who got married recently.  A little look on her blog will show you just how beautiful she looked, and the wonderful day that she had.

Until next time!

HC x


  1. I have used Blogger-droid by Google on my phone. But what really pressed my buttons was when Blogspot brought out the mobile phone version as an alternative to the full web version. For me, I prefer it to the web version. I think my site looks better on my phone than it does on my computer due to the more compact formatting.
    Yes great news about Nari's wedding and her blog reflects her happiness,particularly her most recent post. The same goes for you with your big day coming up. Best wishes to you and your fiance John x


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