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2011 has been a disappointing year thanks to these unfortunate stomach-aches that I have been plagued with since January.  Finally things seem to be stabilizing and I've finally stopped struggling with belly-ache, although my stomach seems to be anticipating the pains and tensing.  Maybe once all of my tests are over I may be able to turn a corner.

In other news, wedding plans have taken a busy turn.  I had to order my wedding dress three months early and so will be seeing my actual dress in August rather than November.  That doesn't sound like a bad thing, does it?  At the time - thanks to some works unpleasantness - I'd had such a dreadful day that it felt like the End of The World!  But having had time to think and calm down I feel considerably better about it.

Right, I created this blog to talk about something...what was it..?

Oh yes, writing!

I really must apologise to all of my lovely and above all patient watchers (7 of you now - thank you all!) for putting up with my silence recently.  For those of you whose blogs I follow as well I'm sorry that I have not had the time to read your recent posts.  I've simply had too much on my mind recently and have been exhausted beyond belief.

I've decided to attempt another writing competition in a hope of waking my muses up.  I do have some information on a competition due in June/July that has no theme, and I might enjoy that if I can remember where I got the information from!!!

Whilst my writing over the past two months could only be described as "pottering about" (it is extremely off-putting when someone who prides herself on excellent spelling has to stop and re-type every second word) I have had the chance to develop a few of my characters.  This chance came from the most unlikely of sources - YouTube.

I normally visit YouTube for two reasons - to watch countless AMVs relating to my favourite cartoon and/or gaming series, and to indulge my other hobby of watching painfully cheesy B-movies (Blue Demon is my current favourite) that no sane person would waste their time on.  However for some time I have been crawling through the latter and found myself returning to the same videos over and over again.  The reason being that the songs have been helping me work out aspects of certain characters personalities.  Artists such as Lordi, Il Nomine and Sonata Arctica have been the best source of musical inspiration thanks to their songs having actual stories to them.  Pretty much everyone has a favourite genre of music that wakes their imagination, mine is alternative.

Whilst my energy is slowly recovering I'm looking forward to taking advantage of this new source of inspiration to get my fantasy work done.  I came across a wonderful quote from Terry Pratchett's "Wee Free Men" that pretty much hit home that I felt should be shared:

"...if you trust in yourself...and believe in your dreams...and follow your'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy."

It is with the sound advice of Miss Tick that I finish my latest entry.  My next blog entry will be coming soon as some...exciting things have been happening, and I hope I can make them even better with some positive writing news.  In the meantime, I'm going to try and catch up on what I've missed.

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and followers for your infinite patience.

HC x


  1. That quote is brilliant - one that should be taught in all schools rather than the current trend for telling kids that they only have to want something and they'll achieve it!

    Praying for an end to these stomach troubles and a stress-free time finishing planning your wedding.
    C x

  2. Hey HC :) I'm glad that the stomach pains seem to be subsiding - that's something at least. Did the doctors ever work out what it is? Hope you feel better.
    That's exciting, I think, that you get to see your actual dress sooner :) I got mine at graduation last year, which was ridiculously early, but it's meant that I've been able to chose shoes and jewelery and other accessories knowing exactly what they're to go with. What's it like?
    I definitely think music is a great source of inspiriation, especially, as you say, songs that have stories to them. Nightwish are good for that, and Tarot. I used to listen to bits of Sonata Arctica, but never really got 'into' them. I might go back and have another listen.
    Anyway, it's good to hear from you again, and don't worry about gaps in posting :) I'm just as bad.
    Nari X

  3. Thank you for your good wishes Chloe. I am in full agreement with you. When the news is full of people to face the harsh reality of the world we live in I fail to see the sense of teaching the next generation to dream and hope. That quote is why excellent people like Sir Terry Pratchett have such large followings. Certainly my mother always taught me that nothing worthwhile ever came of dreaming

    Thanks again,

    HC x

  4. Hi Nari, I'm still having tests to work it out. My bloods came back with a folic acid deficiency but my ultrasound came back clear. The consultant still isn't sure what it is, but hopefully soon I will have an answer.

    I actually chose the dress on my first visit eighteen months ago, or rather it picked me. The dress is a Maggie Sottero that got discontinued last month, but I dare not show it on here in case my fiance visits. But it isn't what I would have imagined picking when I first walked into the boutique - in fact, i didn't like it when I saw it on the hanger. If you like I can try and message you a picture of it?

    Once again, you have excellent taste. I adore Nightwish - if valkyries really did sing, they would sing like Tarja.

    Always lovely to hear from you

    HC x

  5. When are you ladies getting married then? Is it this summer? Exciting!


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