A difficult month - and a curiosity...

To say that I have been absent this past month would be an understatement.  I have just looked and realised that a whole month has passed without me paying any attention to this blog!

Apologies to all of my patient followers who have been with me so far.  The stomach cramps that I have mentioned in the past continue to plague me, although now I have visited the hospital and am going for further testing.  Whilst I have been able to continue working through the cramps, I have found that they are draining me considerably, leaving me with little energy to even indulge my favourite pastime of writing fan-fiction.  I have, however, been able to catch up with my reading.

It's during this catch up that I found myself in the sci-fi/fantasy section of my favourite bookshop, or rather the section next to it.  Once upon a time the section was crammed with graphic novels and the pitiable collection of manga that the store provided.  But now I find that the selection is being reduced considerably to make way for a new kind of book.

The range of titles is interesting... Mass Effect, Gears of War, Resident Evil, Fable III, Warcraft, Assassins Creed.  Most readers will have recognised these names as video game titles, and a few may be interested to read these books.  I have read a few of the Resident Evil titles over the years, and am a huge fan of Oliver Bowden's Assassins Creed books, which I would advise all players of Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood to read.  They are a good help throughout the game, if not without a few spoilers.

Oliver Bowden's books are probably the best that I have read thus far out of this new genre, which happily seems to be increasing in popularity, albeit gradually. 

Since the arrival of modern video games, we have seen gaming companies look to books for inspiration.  My favourite example would be the classic Chinese epic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," a book which long-term followers of my blog will recognise as one I waffle on about regularly.  This book was used by Koei to create my favourite gaming series - Shin Sangoku Musou - or "Dynasty Warriors", a series which released its latest offering last week.  It was on the many merits of this excellent series that I bought Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and added Romance to my bookshelf and Kindle.  As the series has a relatively small fanbase, I have learned that I am not the only one seeking out these titles.  For some fans, Dynasty Warriors has opened the doors to literature from around the world that they may not have otherwise even heard about.

Being engaged to a fiance who lives and breathes video games, I have been able to see first hand the effort and creativity that goes into some of the better game plotlines.  When seeing games like Final Fantasy VII, Elder Scrolls Oblivion or Dragon Age, it's no wonder that fan-fiction is so popular!  So it's refreshing to see that gaming companies are now offering their fans a way to enjoy their favourite game in a more traditional medium.  For the more hardcore gamers and the devoted lovers of technology and Progress, most of these titles can be found on Kindle or the alternative e-readers.

As pleased as I am to see traditional means of entertainment flourishing in the face of ever-improving technology, I am curious as to how these authors have found success.  Clearly the producers of the game have allowed the author to publish the book, otherwise they would not be on the shelves for long.  But how? 

The question is purely out of curiosity - in this medium I would class myself as a "Fangirl", and one who is prone to messing around with the plot until it is unrecognisable.  I just want to know, after discovering a novel based on the Dead Space games (which make Resident Evil look like a Disney production), how the decision is made to publish a book based on the game.  I suspect that most, if not all, of the authors have already been a member of the creative team who created the game, but it would be nice to know for certain.

Regrettably, this blog entry has been a filler to make up for my silence over the past month.  I will try and be more active and get some work done in the future.

Thanks to all of my followers and friends for continuing to have faith and check in on me.  I really do appreciate all of your comments and views, and hope you will continue to enjoy looking round the other pages on my blog in the future.

Much Love,

HC x


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