Entry Acknowledged!

Posting the Mslexia competition entry seems like an entire lifetime away, especially since my recent bad health has slowed down my momentum.  Whilst I have been itching to start something else, a niggly little voice at the back of my brain kept wondering if my last competiton entry had reached its destination on time...

Most competitions allow for the entrants to get acknowledgement for the receipt of their stories.  Let's face it - if you devoted weeks or even months on writing something, you are not going to be pleased if it gets lost in the post!  As someone who is naturally paranoid anyway, I had sent the standard SAE with my entry so I could be assured that my entry had arrived safe and sound.

My flats have outside post-boxes, the limited space of which is balanced by the fact the sorting office is across the road.  For the past ten days I have been opening up the post box and peering hopefully inside.

I have had lots of post, both welcome and unwelcome (I have a chinese buffet resteraunt on my doorstep - why would I need a takeaway that's 5 miles away!) but not my envelope, until today.

The Mslexia competition acknowledgement - all is well!
 It was the only post I had today, and looked somewhat forlorn as it lay curled up in the post box.  I'd guessed what it was as soon as I saw it, something that was confirmed when I recognised my spidery handwriting.  Happily I tore it open as I got into the lift, and was puzzled to find it empty. 

But I wasn't bothered by that, because I was happy to have the knowledge that it had arrived.  I had been expecting a slip of paper, but all I would have done with it was set it proudly to one side (why proud?  I have no idea!) and forget about it until I end up sitting on it or knocking it to the floor before it found its place in my bin.

Now begins the next lot of waiting for the results in March.  As I said, I don't have crazy hopes for my entry, but it goes without saying I would be over the moon if it managed to get somewhere.  In the past I spent a lot of this waiting time doing nothing, but this year I want to take advantage of my floundering momentum and try some more projects.

So what is in my future?  Well, in the immediate future is a pizza, bath and well-deserved sleep, but in terms of new writing projects, I am dithering somewhat.  I have a project that will not need sending until July, and the Write Space competition will soon be here, but at the moment that's all I have.  I shall be reading my Writer's Forum to see if I get some new ideas.

So time to look forward, and just keep at that keyboard!

HC xx


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