Current Obsession, Recent Events and Burkins the sailor

Hi Everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog.

It's been a busy time for me recently, not least because, as an Auditor at UK Greetings Card company Card Factory this particular time of year is very hectic. We actually start preparing for Christmas in June. This is a bit of a bad thing if, like me, you don't need much persuading to get excited for the season. I've been humming christmas tunes since August, much to the dismay of my fiance!

It's also now becoming a busy period for me at home as well, due to a much-welcomed surprise last Wednesday (2nd December)

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that I had entered Vanda Inman's Write Space competition in June, and that I had fared particularly badly with my entry. Well, when I opened my inbox on Wednesday who should I have an email from but Vanda Inman herself. She was inviting me to enter a new Write Space competition ending this January, to write a 1500 word short story based on the theme of 'Lost Love.' It's a bigger word limit which is easier for me, and I think that I have the perfect idea in mind. Hopefully you will hear all about that soon.

As for my entry for the Wyvern Publishing anthology, I have been treated with another rare surprise in the form of a new character: Burkins the first mate. He started off as a bit-part character without a name, then I decided to use him as a means of explaining the subject matter at hand, so he became Burkins. Normally that would be that, but within seconds of naming him, Burkins' whole history developed so rapidly that he quickly became integral to the plot. This has never happened to me with a character before, so I am looking forward to writing a little more about Burkins and see what he wants to offer. Again, I hope to tell you a little more about that in the future.

Of course, writing would be a lot simpler if I hadn't developed the obsession that I now have with a horror movie series called "Puppet Master." I came across these films on Youtube last weekend and have been crazy about them since. Finally I may well have found something that surpasses my fondness for the JAWS movies that I love so much. I am hoping that my brother might get me the box set I discovered on for Christmas.


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