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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

I have a confession to make: I've not really made very much effort with finding new projects to do. I entered the Write Space competition hosted by Vanda Inman in the summer, and got a critique. Unfortunately this critique was not as flattering at first sight as it could have been, and I felt somewhat deflated. However on further inspection the critique had several good points. For example, I had started off well, but ended rather poorly. I feel that this had a lot to do with the word limit being a mere thousand. That sounds like a lot, but is actually a pitiful amount of words to restrict your story to! This is an excuse as opposed to a reason, but I have always struggled with the concept of condensing my plot into a set word count. Obviously I am destined to write bigger things, like novels!

Anyway, I would like to extend my thanks to Vanda Inman for her constructive criticism, and I hope that I can learn from it and maybe impress her in the future!

Well, after an inexcusable hiatus, I've got my eye out for two new projects. The first is an attempt to get into an anthology run by Wyvern Publishing. The theme is "Mer-folk" and I have a nice little idea involving my mer-shark theories. I'll be checking their website for further information soon.

The second is much more up my street: a 17,000 word story for the Writers of the Future competition opening after christmas. This one is in Los Angeles, so postage is going to be an issue for a piece that size. I only hope my printer stops playing silly beggars so I can print it. My work PC does not have IBM Lotus Symphony - what happened to good old MS Word being on everything? Anyhow, the theme is sci-fi/fantasy or dark fantasy, so I've decided to start the beginning of my novel: The History of Yuraleigh: Jubila Valkyries. I hope they like it.

A third project is writing some erotica for Black Lace Publishing - if I ever swallow my nerve and attempt it! As I highlighted before - erotic Fan-fiction is infinitely easier!


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